The Farmhouse quilt is being basted.
I use Sharon's Schamber's  technique. 
She used to have a free class on her website, but I'm sorry to say, not any longer.
Quilting is easy with this basting, you don't have to start in the middle, just start at the top or the bottom, or just where ever you want.
 I have used this technique many times and it is perfect.
No crawling on four feet on the floor.

Sweet Nostalgia, November is done.
It will be nice to work on December block now,

sipping good cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake.

Until next time, 

Happy stitching,




Finished cardigan for my son, he came last weekend for a visit, 
so I gave it a little speed, and finished before he came.
He was very happy with it.

Knitted myself a little warm hat.
When I lived in Iceland I almost never wore hats,
but here in Luxembourg I need a hat in the winter,
it can be so humid and cold.
(Or maybe it's  just that I'm older now)

From the Grinch fabric I made two christmas aprons.

I have been listening to this audiobook:

Forgotten Garden
by Kate Morton

A woman on a quest to find out the truth about her family, 
a mysterious Victorian authoress,
 a book of dark fairytales and a long-hidden secret.

Very interesting and a good company while stitching.

Until next time
Happy stitching.



Teddy Bears

I'm a big teddy's bear fan, I have them all over the house.
They are so warm and comfy.

These two Teddies are joining in with Melody's Teddy Bears Picnic.
Melody is hosting a picnic.
I'm sure they are going to have fun and they will have 
Banana cake in the picnic basket.

 3 eggs, 
150 g raw-suger, 
2 ts vanille, 
125 g spelt flour, 
1 tsp  winestone baking powder, 
5 tbls isio4oil, 
1 or 2 mashed bananas. 
Baked  for approx 50 min. 
Chocolate on top.

 Sweet Nostalgia
October,  is my fourth finished block.

Now I will have a look at the Teddy's Bears.

Until next time,
Happy stitching.


Farmhouse Quilt

Finished top, Farmhouse Quilt, made from scraps.
It is 62"x62". Just needs to be quilted. 

The Grinch

I'm a big admirer of Dr. Seuss, 
so when I saw this Kaufman fabrics on sale at Fort Worth Fabric Studio
I just had to buy some. 
I'm going to use it to wrap up Christmas presents this year,
and make myself a Christmas apron.

I'm still working on that cardigan for my son, one sleeve remaining.
To little time to work on my hexies,
 and I'm planing another quilt from scraps either Spools or Trees, have not decided yet.
I also finished three DJ blocks.  

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Thank you for stopping by,
 Happy stitching.




I went to the "The National Quilt Happening" in Belgium last Thursday, it was fun.
I saw some beautiful quilts and one Dear Jane quilt done by Fernande Authuys. 
To my surprise there were some small quilts from EQA (European Quilt Association) 
9 from each country. 

I took some pictures:





The Netherlands (This one I liked very much)




All of them very pretty. 

And of course I bought  some beautiful fabrics

I needed some brown for my planned tree quilt.

Now I'm off to play some golf, it is such a fine weather today.

Until next time

Happy stitching



Farmhouse Quilt

Now the strips have turned into houses, 
I'm machine appliqué this quilt with raw ends.
It is fun but I wonder how it will last.
Can anyone tell me?
I use "Lite Steam-A-Seam2".
12 houses are done, 
now I will have to work on the blocks in between.

My third block for "Sweet Nostalgia" was September block "Back to School".

I want to share with you a link to Edyta's video,
where she shows her fantastic quilt small/big bag
Have a look at this:

You can find the pattern at her blog if you scroll down.

Until next time
Happy stitching


Have been making strips from fabrics I ordered from
 Patsy Thompson long time ago.

When I got this "Friendship Strips & Scraps" book by Edyta Sitar 
I found an opportunity to use that fabric.
I'm going to do this quilt on the cover. 
Actually I would like to do every single one in that book. 
The book is just great.

I have all hers books. 

She recommended Aurifil threads, so I ordered a kit,
to give it a try, and what a difference.
I have been having problems with what I thought was my sewing machine,
but it turned out to be the thread I was using.

This is what I'm knitting at the moment, a cardigan for my son.
Lovely Italian yarn from Lana Grossa,
 Merino Wool / Baby Alpaca / Cashmere. 
So soft and nice to work with.

I tried to get dye from that seaweed I told you about, but without success,
will keep trying.  
This yarn was dyed with dye I made from birch and mint.

Have also done some DJ blocks.

Thank you for stopping by, I would love to see what you are doing.

Until next time,
happy stitching.



It's Wednesday, that is the day we FG ladies meet at Karen's blog 
and admire and encourage each other.
If you like to see some beautiful hexagons
You might like to join in.

My Flower Garden is still growing, 
one could say 
"at the speed of a snail".

Isn't it a cute little fellow?
Thank God we don't have to carry all ours belongings on our back.

One more block finished for "Sweet Nostalgia" 
Hide and Seek, August block.
I just love doing these blocks.

This is a scarf (comforter) I knitted and was very easy,
you just cast on 3 sts. increase one st. at the end of every other pin until you have ca. 130 sts. on the pin, then you start to decrease one st. at the same end until you have only 3 sts. left, you cast off.
It is nice to have multicoloured yarn.

I also made two more blocks for my DJ this week.

Thank you for stopping by,
Until next time,

Happy stitching



I'm back from the Ecumenical Pilgrimage Tour  in Italy
with True Life In God.
We were 800 people from 60 countries. Amongst us were about 100 clergy:
Cardinal, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Monks and Nuns.
It was a very difficult tour, the day started between 5 and 6 in the morning
and lasted until 11 at night.

I did not sew one stitch the whole week.
My sewing remained in my suitcase.

I'm glad and thankful for this tour and I'm also very glad to be home again.

We visited many Churches and the floors captivated me,
 I was always thinking of patterns and saw them everywhere

These are all floors,
while other people were looking up at the ceiling, I was looking down at the floor.

Well I better get into my sewing room and do something.

Until next time
Happy stitching



On a pilgrimage

I came back home last week from Iceland, went for a weekend to Rotterdam and tomorrow I'm going on a Pilgrimage Tour to Rome. I will show you some pictures when I get back.

But what I brought back from Iceland was this seaweed,
 which I'm going to try to get some dye from,
Isn't it pretty? and the smell, now filling my cellar -  wow, wonderful.

I had this top quilted by a Long Arm, 
as I did not want to spend more time on this quilt.

I'm working on my second block for Sweet Nostalgia, 
selecting fabric for CWB block no. 11
and doing some hexagons for my Flower Garden.

One picture from Iceland, 
from the mountain called ESJA
I love hiking up there and enjoy the view to Reykjavík
unfortunately it was a bit cloudy that day.

Until next time
Happy stitching



Civil War Bride block

A little progress, one more block for my CWB quilt, I finished last night,
by laying them out together the thought passed my mind that I could stop now, nine blocks and it is not to big for any wall.
But then I decided - I will do them all, just one at a time.

Sweet Nostalgia 

Started a new top, this one is stitched and my first block July, 
is called "Fun at the Beach".
The pattern was a free Block of the Month from Dorothy Baker Designs some years ago. You can see a picture of the quilt  here

New books

I purchased three books, one is Masters Art Quilt,  it was published 2008 so it is not quite new but there are over 400 pages of beautiful pictures of art quilts from all over the world.
The second one is Wildflowers, designs for appliqué and quilting by Carol Armstrong, I thought I might need it when finish my Flower Garden. 
The third one is Jelly Roll and charm quilts, if one day I  buy a Jelly Roll.

Until next time - happy stitching
and thank you for stopping by.


Flowers and CWB

These flowers are ready to be added to my Flower Garden.
I have 67 flowers joined together.
It is still growing.
If you like to see some beautiful flowers, 
visit One Flower Wednesday and have a look
what the Ladies in this Flower Club are doing.
Thank you Karen for hosting this Club.

This is my 8th block for The Civil War Bride Quilt,
going very slowly there!!!
If you like to see more blocks from this quilt 

Two very pretty cushions my mother made many years ago.

This is a Snowball quilt I made, using fabric 
by "Den Haan & Wagenmakers" in Amsterdam.
I'm not very pleased with how it turned out, the fabric is very nice though, 
I should have chosen another pattern.
Well next time I will.

Thank you for stopping by
and happy quilting.