Last summer I collected leaves from Birch and dried them. 
Now I have dyed some wool using these leaves.
(The fabric in this DJ block was dyed with Procion MX
the leaves are underneath) 

The yearn prepared

Here you can see the wool waiting and the Birch dye.

In the pot on the stove slowly heated up to 90°C

Slowly cooled down.

Washed and dried

And ready for knitting.

My seventh CWB block in progress.

I have not yet started my DJ again, after all this traveling back and forth, south and north, 
but will do that soon. 

The European Dear Jane club is preparing a DJ Quilt Expo in Brussels May 2013.
Now isn't that just groovy?

I plan to have mine finished by then.

Happy stitching.



Collecting siggies

Since my last blog in January 12th lots of things have happened.
I've been traveling to Iceland-Luxembourg-Dubai-Luxembourg-Iceland and at last back in Luxembourg for a few days.
To little time to sew. 
I have received many interesting "siggies".
Most of them are from The Netherlands, but also from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Canada and USA

This block I found at Quilterscache 
24" and very easy to make.
It is perfect for baby quilt.

Some years ago I knitted this outfit for my grandchildren (twins),
and now in April they will have their confirmation,
I can hardly belief they are 13 years old already.

I'm still working on my flower garden and The Civil War Bride.
Nothing has happed for a long time with Dear Jane. Hopefully I can do something about it, soon.

Happy stitching to you all 
 enjoy what ever you are doing.