Kaffe Fassett workshop last weekend in Luxembourg.
It was very interesting and lot of fun.

The photo is of the workshop's project
called "Sunlight in the forest" designed by Kaffe Fassett, 
and of course his fabrics.
It is in the book "Quilts  in Sweden".

Never a dull moment, every minute used. 
Waiting for everyone to arrive.

After the class he signed books.

You can hear him criticize my work.

Until next time,
Happy quilting


Sweet Nostalgia

Just after Easter I managed to finish April block for Sweet Nostalgia top, 
two more to go.
Instead of satin stitch the Chicks and the eggs
I used wax color crayola (heated).
I'm not good at satin stitch.

And now that I'm hooked on small stitching
I bought myself Nana's Calendar Girls.
I'm thinking red there.

Next week I will attend  Kaffe Fassett's quilt workshop here in Luxembourg,
that will be something new for me.
 I'm not really a big fan of Kaffe's quilts,
but I like his knittings. But we will see.

Until next time
Happy stitching



Happy Easter

The Icelandic Easter eggs ready for the kids.
I wish you all a happy Easter.

This beautiful little block came from Cheri in Oregon
and is my 50th block from Annelies siggie list.

I have prepared and signed 60 blocks for 
the Dear Jane siggie swap this year.

Enjoy your life.