Three more flowers

Still working on my Flower Garden.

It's so inspirational to go over to:
where one can see and admire the flowers
the others ladies are making.

Thank you Karen for hosting.

Three more petit flowers, made of 5/8" hexagons.

Sweet Nostalgia.
June - Let's play ball.
It's  not June yet and I have finished all twelve blocks.
I started last year with the July block in that same month. 
I kept up with a block each month until now in May 
I also did June.
But this is just half way, 
Now there is: Sashing and Quilt Assembly.

Until next time
Happy stitching.



Blue Flowers in the Forest 
That is the name for my top. It is still just a top, 
for the backing I'm going to use every single piece of K.F fabric I have left.
That will take a while. Then we will see if this one is a top or a back.
It is 93"x87".

This is Kaffe's yarn, which I really love. 
Multicolored wool and so soft.
One day this will be knitted into an afghan.

You can also see the book "Color Guys",
I like that book, so full of colors, knitted into scarfs, cushions and blankets.

Until next time
happy stitching or knitting or.....



One flower

This flower is made of 5/8" hexagons. 

I have sewn 1" Half Hexagons on both sides of my top.
I'm thinking of a border and appliqué 
some smaller flowers
like this 5/8" or 1/2" on the border.
I'll make some more flowers and see how it will look. 

I just don't want to stop making flowers.
If you like to see some more flowers, just visit 
Karen  at Journey of a Quilter. She is hosting this 
Garden Party every Wednesday.
Thank you Karen!!!!

Sweet Nostalgia

This is my block for May - How does your garden Grow?
Designed by Dorothy Baker. 

Finished eleven blocks - just one more, and I can start to put them all together.

Until next time
Happy stitching



Reiko Kato

Last week the OEQC was held in Veldhoven in The Netherlands.
I stopped by on my way to Rotterdam and saw many beautiful quilts,
but none like Reiko Kato's. 
Here are some pictures I took and want to share with you:

And of course I had to buy her book, and some other stuff.

I read an article about Reiko where they say 
she only sleeps four hours a night, from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m.
She is immensely prolific.

That is beyond belief, only four hours sleep every night,
I need my eight hours or I'm out of function.

Until next time
Happy stitching