I found a pattern of crochet Hexagon at Lionbrand under the Category: Crochet-along.
They really have lot of nice patterns for crochet and knitting.
I have always wanted to do a Hexagon quilt but it will have to wait until I have finished my DJ or CWB.
It is enough for me to have these two sewn by hand at the same time.

But I can crochet this Hexagon while I watch TV, I just have to get some more colours.


Navajo - February BOM

I have done the first three BOM's from Brenda Papadakis
Now I have to wait until April for the next block.

Meanwhile I will work on my CWB block number three
and do some more DJ blocks.


Texas Ranger

This is my January BOM - Texas Ranger - from Brenda 
It is new for me to use so much pattern fabric (busy fabric),
but I think it is OK.
I'm enjoying making these small blocks.
 Lets see what happens at the end of the year, will I have 12 blocks????
Or I could do also the appliqué BOM Brenda is offering too, then I would have 24 blocks.
Well, there is so much to do - not so much time!!!!!!
The weather is so nice at the moment, I think I'm off to play some golf.

Have a nice weekend.


Star of the West

This beautiful fabric was bought in Amsterdam from Den Haan &  Wagenmakers, without knowing what to do with it. 
I think it came out OK in this little BOM from Brenda Papadakis,
March block.



I have been dyeing and here are some pictures I like to share with you.

This is sunset.

This one I can use as a sky on a bad day.

I have also been doing some stenciling, using freezerpaper, it is really fun.
Can be used as a front of a book cover.

On this one I painted over bobble plastic.

I also dyed some more fabric for my DJ.  Only 39 blocks and 7 triangles done, still a long way to go.

Thank you all for stopping by and happy quilting and dyeing.