Dear Jane's 150th Anniversary in Nantes, France

Brenda could not be there, I'm sorry to say,
 but 110 of the most fantastic Dear Jane replicas from around the world were there.

The first photo is from the entrance,
pink and beautiful. 

Enjoy the photos.

Mine in the middle there.

This one has 2 inches blocks, beautiful.

Here is a another way to use the blocks.

It was really amazing to enter a hall with over 100 DJ quilts.
I'm still in Nantes, and before I leave tomorrow I will take one more round.

Take care.



Aunt 'Reen said...

AMAZING, Thanks for sharing this experience with all of us!
Your quilt looks gorgeous on display! Safe & Happy Travels!

Britta said...

Incredibly awesome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and congratulations for the applique quilt you are working on.

Martha said...

WOW!!!! Incredible!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. I am still speechless. How wonderful to have so many Janes together! WOW!!! Love it!!!!

Karen said...

So nice, so different, so many Dear Janes! I just LOVE your quilt.

Glenda said...

Thanks soooo much for sharing this wonderful display of DJ. How wonderful to see over 100 in ONE place it must have been mind boggling and difficult to take them all in. It has been wonderful looking at all the photo's and yours does stand out. Beautiful work. Cheers Glenda

Esther Aliu said...

WOW I love seeing all these DJs together and to see them in one place....I would have loved to see that in person! Thank you so much for sharing this with us - yours was stunning!

Glenda said...

Just saw your quilt on this blog too it looks fabulous Cheers Glenda

Lin said...

What an amazing collection Paula and yours looks so lovely. It is great that they are all so different. And that one with the 2" blocks - wow!

Raewyn said...

Thank you for sharing these photos - I'm keen to start my own day...!!