Flowers and CWB

These flowers are ready to be added to my Flower Garden.
I have 67 flowers joined together.
It is still growing.
If you like to see some beautiful flowers, 
visit One Flower Wednesday and have a look
what the Ladies in this Flower Club are doing.
Thank you Karen for hosting this Club.

This is my 8th block for The Civil War Bride Quilt,
going very slowly there!!!
If you like to see more blocks from this quilt 

Two very pretty cushions my mother made many years ago.

This is a Snowball quilt I made, using fabric 
by "Den Haan & Wagenmakers" in Amsterdam.
I'm not very pleased with how it turned out, the fabric is very nice though, 
I should have chosen another pattern.
Well next time I will.

Thank you for stopping by
and happy quilting.



Some old embroidery

To day I would like to share with you some of my mother's  embroidery. 
She was born on July 7th 1921 and died last February,
She would have reached 90 tomorrow.

This beautiful wall hanging she made 1945, with her  initial at the bottom.
Her name started with this Icelandic letter Þ.

Three beautiful rococo chairs (one for each child). 
They were always in use in her living room, for about 40 - 50 years.
Still beautiful.

Single chair. 
Later I will show you the dining room chairs. 
I forgot to take photos.

This is called "puntuhandklæði"  in Icelandic, (decoration towel)
Behind it you hang the tee towels.
My father made the wooden piece, he was a very good craft man.

Here are two  "puntuhandklæði".
I don't know how many she made.

She also crochet lace. 
This is just a tiny bit of her work.
Always doing something,
amazing woman.

Hope you enjoyed this,
thank you for stopping by.

Happy stitching