Wednesday flower

My flower garden is still growing.
I went to Iceland for ten days to visit my family, and made some flowers while traveling by cars and planes.
But the big pink one I did yesterday - Wednesday.

I also did some dyeing yesterday,
I needed more fabric for my Dear Jane, which is still growing but slowly.
I did Rust Dyeing too, but it is still curing, I will post picture later.

Have a nice day and God bless you all.



One Flower Wednesday
Should I rather say: eight  flowers since last Wednesday!!!
Karen invited me to join her and lots of others to her Garden party 
We make at least one flower every Wednesday and post it on our blog,
once a week or once a month, it depends on each lady.
 It is fun and encouraging to work with a group of ladies,
all doing the same thing, among other things,
 although the flowers are all different.

Until next time
Take care



Just finished another mini-quilt, size 8 1/4" x 11 3/4".
Some years ago took a picture of this old church at Þingvellir in Iceland,
I always wanted to work it into fabric and now it's done.

At Þingvellir – literally "Parliament Plains" – the Alþing general assembly was established around 930 and continued to convene there until 1798. Major events in the history of Iceland have taken place at Þingvellir and therefore the place is held in high esteem by all Icelanders.

Today Þingvellir is a protected national shrine. According to the law, passed in 1928, the protected area shall always be the property of the Icelandic nation, under the preservation of the Alþing.

Two new books

I bought the Material Obsession 2 at a quilt festival in Lux last month and liked it a lot, I just had to have the other one as well. I ordered it through Amazon in UK and in two days I had it in my hands, just lovely.
So many beautiful pictures,  one's mind -  inspiration in full.

And now I have all this beautiful fabric from Masako Wakayama,
that I bought at the quilt festival in Lux.
It is very soft and I'm sure it is a good quality.
Can't wait to start something nice.

Hope you all have a nice week and happy quilting.