I used my free motion quilting practice sandwich to make a cover for my quilt picture book. (I take  pictures of all my quilts and put them in this book and write a little story about each one.)
I'm trying to improve my free motion quilting so I have a lot of practice sandwiches. And what can you do with them??? Make some purses or a book cover. This sandwich I used was dyed with rust.  The instructions for a book cover you can find on There is a free class on Book Cover and it is decorated beautifully.

This is the front, the button is made from coconut.

This is the back. As you can see I need much more practice on free motion feathers.


15th European Meeting - Patchwork

Some more pictures from FRANCE
I like to share with you:

Crowded in field flowers - S. Takencka - France

Dawn Lights - Ilona S Tornyai - Hungary

Flower Window - Magdolna Solymár - Hungary

Marble Floor - Józsefné Kovalik - Hungary

Dancing Butterflies - Zsuzsa Benkö - New Zealand

They are lovely, aren't they?


Quilts from NZ

Here are some pictures from St. Marie-aux-Mines.  The pictures I post this time are all from New Zealand. They are really beautiful. Enjoy

Mother and Child 2004 - Ku Bailey

Karakia (Prayer) - Camilla Watson

Angels in My Gully - Norma Slabbert

My Love of Nature - Margaret Matthews


I'm of to the 15th European Meeting - Patchwork in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines in Alsace France where they say is the Cradle of the Amish movement.
Will post some pictures when I get back.


Book Wrap

I laid the interfacing, glue side up on my workbench.
Laid my hand dyed linen on top and ironed.

Then I laid ribbons and yarn and free motion stitched,
 to keep everything in place.
Laid some yarn under organza and stitched.
I curled-up som organza with a heat gun.
Free motion stitched it in place.
Cut it up the size I want.
Stitched  some yarn around the edges.
Added strap to wrap around.
And a strap inside to stop the book from falling out.
There it is.
Based on an article In the Quilting Art Magazine issue 29.


Hand dyed silk

I used my hand-dyed silk to day and made Butterfly and Iris, two of each for my Silk quilt. Maybe you can't see that the flower is Iris, but I have never done this before, hopefully the next two will look more like Iris. But I was happy with the Butterflies. I had some instruction from Ruth at
There you can get great classes.


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