Teddy Bears

I'm a big teddy's bear fan, I have them all over the house.
They are so warm and comfy.

These two Teddies are joining in with Melody's Teddy Bears Picnic.
Melody is hosting a picnic.
I'm sure they are going to have fun and they will have 
Banana cake in the picnic basket.

 3 eggs, 
150 g raw-suger, 
2 ts vanille, 
125 g spelt flour, 
1 tsp  winestone baking powder, 
5 tbls isio4oil, 
1 or 2 mashed bananas. 
Baked  for approx 50 min. 
Chocolate on top.

 Sweet Nostalgia
October,  is my fourth finished block.

Now I will have a look at the Teddy's Bears.

Until next time,
Happy stitching.


Teresa said...

Your teddies are so cute and that banana bread looks and sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe and see you at the picnic xx

Karen said...

These are delightful teddies. What a great idea to bring banana cake to the picnic. And thanks for sharing the recipe..

Melody said...

Welcome to the picnic. It's wonderful to have you and your teddies join in the fun.

Dorothy said...

Paula, I just stumbled onto your blog. Your "Sweet Nostalgia" blocks are wonderful. I'm so glad you are enjoying them.

Karen said...

I have Teddy Bears all over my house too! And, look at that yummy banana cake! Well done on the October block. I going to start working on my November block next week.

Michelle Ridgway said...

very cute teddies and I am sure they will be a hit with all that lovely banana cake to share. Thanks for the recipe.

Jane in Cumbria said...

Your little teddies are sweet! And the banana bread looks nice too.