Hand dyed fabric

I have so much hand dyed fabric and I was thinking of doing "Baby Dear Jane". I have admired Dear Jane quilt for many years and bought the disk and the book some years ago. Now is the time to start. I signed up for Rainbow Jane at the twiddletails store, but it does not start until october, I can't wait that long, so I decided to use my hand dyed and have already done my first one. Will post a photo of it to morrow. 


Some pictures from a workshop in Reykjavik in June. Dyeing with Rust.
My tee shirt with the iron layed on top.

24 hours later, it is washed and dried with some new pattern. I did not put plastic between front and back so the pattern came through, which is not bad.


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This is a quilt I made for my oldest grandson when he was 14 years old, he will be 18 next sunday. The fabric I dyed with Procion MX and printed photos, one for each year.


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I did some simple Shibori dyeing the other day I like to share with you.

6 silk scarfs


To day I start a new class with Ruth Blanchet at her Academy. I have done similar class at QU with Carol, so I'm very excited to lern some new technique in free motion stitching. Will post some new pictures next week. The link to Ruths web site is: