Sweet Nostalgia and CWB block

Now at last, all blocks in place.
I'm thinking of hand quilting here, but how, what pattern
or just straight lines, I don't have a clue, yet.
Any suggestion?

One close up photo, 
they don't turn out so good, sorry.

This is my eleventh block for the Civil War Bride,
It is going slow but I will finish it, eventually.
I better get the next one prepared,
 it always takes some time to decide which one to do next.

Happy stitching.


Knitted shawl and DJ photos

It was impossible for me to decide which color to use for this shawl,
so I used them all. 
I think it turned out OK. 
I used NORO yarn. It is 100% wool from Japan,
It is a beautiful yarn.


Two more blocks, one from Brenda at Dear Jane and
 the other block from Gay at Sentimental Stitches.

And just a few pictures from The Dear Jane exhibition in Brussels 
last weekend.
It was a huge success, over 40 quilts. 
Thanks to Caroline and Fernande.

This one was made by Paula Geypen, Belgium

Cécile Derave, Belgium

Agnes De Ruyter, Belgium

Anne Massart, Belgium

Danielle Carlier, Belgium

Béatrice Bellot, France

Maryvonne Deschamps, France

Jocelyne Leruth, Belgium

Danielle Denuit, Belgium

Elisabeth Thomas, United Kingdom

Diane Rode Schneck & Judy Doenias, USA

Goodness me,
 I hope I got the quilters names correctly, and at the right places.
If not, please forgive me. 

That is all from now.
Happy quilting.



Sweet Nostalgia

First three months of the year have been sewn together

This is January, February and March blocks from the Sweet Nostalgia quilt.
Designed by Dorothy Baker 

Now, this is the third block from March Aurifil Designer  
It is called "The Boxer Block" and designed  by Jeni Baker.
You can see some more blocks on flickr

Funny - I just noticed that both designers have the same name,

So, when I have finished my cup of coffiee and my newly baked chocolate cake

I will turn my attention to 
"Just Take 2" block of the month.
Any of you doing that one????

By the way, the cake is a healthy one, 
with oil instead of butter, good quality cocoa
 and ground almonds instead of flour.
The receipt I found on Nigella's web page.

That's all from now
Enjoy what ever you are doing.