Have been making strips from fabrics I ordered from
 Patsy Thompson long time ago.

When I got this "Friendship Strips & Scraps" book by Edyta Sitar 
I found an opportunity to use that fabric.
I'm going to do this quilt on the cover. 
Actually I would like to do every single one in that book. 
The book is just great.

I have all hers books. 

She recommended Aurifil threads, so I ordered a kit,
to give it a try, and what a difference.
I have been having problems with what I thought was my sewing machine,
but it turned out to be the thread I was using.

This is what I'm knitting at the moment, a cardigan for my son.
Lovely Italian yarn from Lana Grossa,
 Merino Wool / Baby Alpaca / Cashmere. 
So soft and nice to work with.

I tried to get dye from that seaweed I told you about, but without success,
will keep trying.  
This yarn was dyed with dye I made from birch and mint.

Have also done some DJ blocks.

Thank you for stopping by, I would love to see what you are doing.

Until next time,
happy stitching.



susis quilts said...

dear paula,the book looks quite interesting,and the quilt on the cover is very nice,happy stitching,susi

tiny said...

There are beautiful batiks that you want to use.
I dont no her books, but I se on the internet .
What a beautiful cable knit pattern.
Auriful is a very good tread I use it alway's.
I'm buzy with the Celebrate Chritsmas bom from the Quilting Gallery.
Greetings Tiny

Karen said...

Aurifil thread is very nice. To bad about your seaweed, love the birch/mint dye.