New fabric

This fabric which I bought on my last visit to Iceland, 
when I went to that workshop by Guðrún Erla,
is her newest design (I think) called Flair. 
It is beautiful, and 

 this is the pattern. 
I'm very excited to start on that one.

I just finished this top I started in that workshop,
the block is called "Strip To Be Square".
Also new pattern from GE design,
and will be published next month as a pattern.

When I look at this picture I see that the top needs
 some border in good color.

Today I prepared some "siggies" and sent them of to 
USA, Norway and Australia.
I also started on my 8th CWB block. I decided to do number 18.
Hope it doesn't take to long to finish it.

Until next time, happy stitching.



My 7th block and some flowers

Block 10 is my seventh block for the Civil War Bride quilt.
I must say, there were some difficulties with this one, I'm glad it is done.
But I can't wait to start the next one.

Two flowers for "One flower Wednesday" 
I'm still enjoying every minute I spend making these flowers.
65 flowers made.

This was a gift we received at the workshop in Iceland with Guðrún Erla,
lovely pattern called "Journey Roads", designed by her.

This is hers newest book called "Table talk".
"In this book are 16 projects designed to grace your table 
and Gudrun's family recipes to share with yours,"
says at the back cover.
The book is in English, published by Kansas City Star Books.

Happy stitching



Class in Iceland

Some days ago I took a class in Iceland with Guðrún Erla.  I was lucky, she offered one class in Reykjavík and I arrived that same day at 1600 hours and the class began at 1800 hours, I just made it.

My first three blocks

I really enjoyed that class, which was called "Destination unknown trip". 
We didn't know what pattern we were making, 
we only got one step at a time.
 I had never done this before, it was fun.

At the end she showed us what we were doing.

Guðrún Erla is Icelandic designer living in Minnesota. 
Take a look at her website and see her beautiful pattern and fabric. 
She also has blog.

Here are two more tops with the same pattern, 
beautiful aren't they?

Happy stitching



Flowers Wednesday

Five flowers this week, not bad, 
and in this picture is also a little fairy
my sister-in-law made some years ago
and gave me, now isn't she cute? (I mean the fairy). 

Memories from my trip to Dubai in February.
It is in progress, 12" circle.

EQA Exhibition "Spinning Circles" 
are to be made in black and white plus up to 30% of purple
in its tints/shades/tones.
Do you think the purple in this mini quilt is more than 30%?

This proud mother was on a golf course in Marrakech,
 13 little ducklings. So sweet.

Happy stitching to you all.