Dear Jane's 150th Anniversary in Nantes, France

Brenda could not be there, I'm sorry to say,
 but 110 of the most fantastic Dear Jane replicas from around the world were there.

The first photo is from the entrance,
pink and beautiful. 

Enjoy the photos.

Mine in the middle there.

This one has 2 inches blocks, beautiful.

Here is a another way to use the blocks.

It was really amazing to enter a hall with over 100 DJ quilts.
I'm still in Nantes, and before I leave tomorrow I will take one more round.

Take care.



CWB and spools

CWB block no 14 
This is my 12th block for this quilt.
It is growing - very slowly.

Chart for the Civil War Bride quilt.

Some "spools" from scraps have been sewn together.

And the 6th block from Gay at JustTakes2
This house is a bit different and I think I like it better this way.

Well now I'm off to Nantes, 
will post some pictures from the Exhibition soon.

Happy stitching



Blocks of the month

Block number five is from Gay at the Sentimental stitches

Aurifil block of the month is called "Heart and Soul". 
Designed by Katy Jones at ImAGinger Monkey

Strips and Scraps,
Using up some scraps and sewing 1" strips together
cut them into pieces to make spools blocks.

I just love this quilt form Edyta Sitar's book.

And this book came today.

Being a lover of Jane Austen's novels for many years, 
I would love to make that quilt.

This quilt is at the top of  my "To do list".
It will take some time to collect the fabrics and to find centre panel.
I'm really looking forward to work on this one.

 Happy stitching.