Jelly Roll top

Now the blocks are all sewn together. 
This top was a June Sew Along with Doreen
It was called Willow Weave, very easy and fun to do.
Doreen will be hosting another Sew Along in August.
Be sure to visit her blog if you like to join in. 

I'm thinking of what colour the border should be




or Dark Red? Humm, I must go shopping tomorrow.

This is a border I'm working on for my Flower Garden Quilt (Hexagon).

That's all. Happy stitching.



Jelly Roll Sew Along

Willow Weave Week Three
I have made the 120 blocks 

And laid them all out. 
Should there be a colour pattern or just a scrappy look????

I made myself a strong cup of coffee 
and with some Biscotti I made yesterday
I will take good time arranging and rearranging the blocks.

If you like to see some more "Willow Weave" be sure to visit 

Happy stitching.


June Jelly Roll sew along

I'm back in Reykjavik from the trip to my tiny cottage in the countryside of Iceland. 
To morrow I will fly back to Luxembourg.
This is the fabric I'm using in "June Jelly Roll sew along" with Doreen 

I forgot to bring my cutting mat and had to use this breadboard for cutting
It worked just fine.

Knitted cardigan and crochet hat and boots for the new baby in the family.

The boots pattern I did get from Sarah at
I love knitting for babies.

Some pictures from the Icelandic countryside.

It's different from Luxembourg.

That's all from now.

Happy stitching.