Quilt, knit, dye

This beautiful yarn from Pickles in Norway 

is 100% wool and silk mohair

And this is what it turned into,
a coat with a twist at the back.
I'm rather happy with the outcome.

This is a quilt top for my grandson (the pianist), 
was supposed to be Christmas present, but will be a birthday present.
No time to finish it before Christmas.

This block filled my chart, (on the right) JustTakes2.

Making dye for wool.

Birch, Wild thyme and Mint.

I've  signed up for New Years Day Mystery Quilt - Time Flies.
It is free at but one can
donate to fundraising for cancer, which I think is a good thing.

Have you watched Downton Abbey?
Well, I bought the series at Amazon and just started on disk one,
 and I must say, I'm loving it.

Have a lovely week