Quilt, knit, dye

This beautiful yarn from Pickles in Norway 

is 100% wool and silk mohair

And this is what it turned into,
a coat with a twist at the back.
I'm rather happy with the outcome.

This is a quilt top for my grandson (the pianist), 
was supposed to be Christmas present, but will be a birthday present.
No time to finish it before Christmas.

This block filled my chart, (on the right) JustTakes2.

Making dye for wool.

Birch, Wild thyme and Mint.

I've  signed up for New Years Day Mystery Quilt - Time Flies.
It is free at but one can
donate to fundraising for cancer, which I think is a good thing.

Have you watched Downton Abbey?
Well, I bought the series at Amazon and just started on disk one,
 and I must say, I'm loving it.

Have a lovely week



Sweet Nostalgia

Sweet Nostalgia finished at last.

It only took me 12 months to stitch the 12 blocks. Then it took me more than a year to finish it.
Of course I have been working on other thing too.
 I'm happy it is finished and 
I do like the quilt. 
The pattern was some years ago a block of the month  from Dorothy  

A sweater for my son, the writer, 
the pattern is from an old Icelandic book, called Skaftafell's Book.
By Jon Einarsson, (1731-1798) a skilled craftsman from Skaftafell. 
The yarn is Icelandic lopi, I must say I don't like lopi 
and I told my son, "this is the last time I use LOPI for knitting".
(I might have said that before).

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." Albert Einstein     

Until next time. Happy quilting.



Red and White

Catch up on Red and White Schoolhouse Quilt

Double X - block 15

Card Trick - block 16

block 17
All from Just Takes 2  
Provider:   Brenda and Gay

October Aurifil   designer is Allison Harris
You can see some more blocks here

Not a month without a knitting
 This little jacket was knitted for baby Katrin.
The yarn was bought in "Litla Prjonabudin" in Reykjavik,
but is actually Danish from Askeladen very soft and nice to work with.

Here you can see how it is worked  with short rows 
(the colour in this photo is not right).

I'm still quilting Sweet Nostalgia, I have rested Love Entwined for awhile.
Want to spend some time on Dear Jane.

Happy quilting, knitting, stitching or what ever you are working on.




Not a lot of stitching to report around this house,
just came back from a Pilgrimage in the Holy Land,
following the steps of Jesus.

It was a very challenging tour with True Life In God.
About 700 people attended, from 60 countries.
This was my third Pilgrimage.
The next one will probably be in Jordan 2015.

I did take some sewing with me (hexagons)
but there was no spare time, the program started at six o'clock in the morning
and lasted until eleven o'clock at night.
I was exhausted when I came back home.

Now I have gathered some strength and finished 2 blocks
from Aurifil block of the month. 
August block, designed by Jill Finley

September block, designed by Kimberly Einmo

You can see some more blocks at flickr
you can even join up. 
Each month they pick one random winner that has
 made a  block from their designers and that random person receives 
a Full box of  Aurifil thread as the  prize!
I haven't won yet, but I've got very nice 8 blocks.
This was waiting for me when I came home.
I was a winner on the Quilting Gallery blog for 
Gudrun Gisladottir's (GE designs) 10 years anniversary party. 
Lucky me. 

My Rainbow Dear Jane is growing slowly but surely.

Happy stitching.



Zigzag border and more

Love Entwined
The star-flowers have been sewn.

For the little flowers I used batik 

The zigzag border is being prepared

The center will not be finished tomorrow when Esher's 3 part will be released,
That's  alright, it is not a race, I enjoy every stitch. 

This is a crochet hexagon in progress.

And my hand dyed yarn will be used in crochet squares. 
The yarn was dyed with birch and others plants.
I will have to make some other colors too, so this autumn I will start dyeing again.

Enjoy whatever you are doing.



Triangles, JustTakes2, Knitting

The triangles are been sewn on - one by one.
I drew the pattern on the back and basted,
 so it showed up on the front.
I got this idea from Carin 
It is really easy to appliqué this way.

 Just Takes 2
Block number 12. 
It's from Brenda this time, the next one will be from

This morning I received this very pretty siggy from Aurora in Italy.

And the postman also brought these wonderful magazines
I will busy myself to day reading "Fast and furious" 
by Gudrun Erla (Icelandic lady),
Quilt mania and Quilting Arts.
All very special.
There will not be much stitching today!!!!!


Finished this pinafore dress for the baby.  
The yarn was more beautiful in the skein,
I hope the baby won't look like a plump bee wearing this.

Happy stitching



Hexagon and Compass

It's a long time since I've done hexagon flower,
however, I made one this morning for the 
Flower garden border.

I'm trying to keep it not to much, still not very empty.
Maybe few more leaves.

A hand stitched Compass
I decided to join Esther Aliu along with other ladies doing 
"Love Entwined" 1790 Marriage Coverlet BOM.
This is the start, middle - Compass.
I'm going to use my stash.

Nevertheless one can always add to the stash.
Some French General fabric arrived this morning.

That is all for today.
Happy stitching 



Jelly Roll top

Now the blocks are all sewn together. 
This top was a June Sew Along with Doreen
It was called Willow Weave, very easy and fun to do.
Doreen will be hosting another Sew Along in August.
Be sure to visit her blog if you like to join in. 

I'm thinking of what colour the border should be




or Dark Red? Humm, I must go shopping tomorrow.

This is a border I'm working on for my Flower Garden Quilt (Hexagon).

That's all. Happy stitching.



Jelly Roll Sew Along

Willow Weave Week Three
I have made the 120 blocks 

And laid them all out. 
Should there be a colour pattern or just a scrappy look????

I made myself a strong cup of coffee 
and with some Biscotti I made yesterday
I will take good time arranging and rearranging the blocks.

If you like to see some more "Willow Weave" be sure to visit 

Happy stitching.


June Jelly Roll sew along

I'm back in Reykjavik from the trip to my tiny cottage in the countryside of Iceland. 
To morrow I will fly back to Luxembourg.
This is the fabric I'm using in "June Jelly Roll sew along" with Doreen 

I forgot to bring my cutting mat and had to use this breadboard for cutting
It worked just fine.

Knitted cardigan and crochet hat and boots for the new baby in the family.

The boots pattern I did get from Sarah at
I love knitting for babies.

Some pictures from the Icelandic countryside.

It's different from Luxembourg.

That's all from now.

Happy stitching.