This is my first  Hexagon ever, - I made it yesterday and it will not be my last.

Last year I bought this plastic pattern from Clove, it is 1 3/4"
and it is so easy to use.
- But the content of the bag was only 30 pieces and that is not nearly enough,
- I should have bought more than one bag.  
Well,  if I ever come across this pattern again I will buy some more.
I might join a Hexagon club and make one flower a week. - I think about it.

That is all for now

Happy stitching



When visiting Cathy's blog the other day and saw her Snowball quilt she is doing with Kaffe fabric,
 I thought I would use my Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabric.
I cut it up to 6" squares and 2 1/4" squares.
You can see on her blog how simple it is.

I'm going next week to Veldhoven in The Netherlands,
attending the OEQC quiltshow,
Then I  will  buy some more of DH&W fabric
and maybe some other stuff too.

Until next time... Happy stitching :-)


Angels in my hair

I just finished reading this wonderful book.
I just have to share this with you all.
It is about  our guardian angle and the angels that are all around us.
 "Angels in my hair" is the autobiography of a modern-day mystic, an Irish woman with powers of the saints.
You can also visit Lorna Byrne website. The book has been translated to many different languages.
It is really worth reading.


The bride is here

Now the bride is here. This was my third block in the Civil War Bride Quilt.

All three together, only seventeen more to go.


Mini quilt

Just finished this Mini-Quilt.

It is a photo of my daughter walking the dog near the lighthouse Grótta on Seltjarnarnes.
The fabric is from my hand dyed stash.


Volcanic eruption

My son Ófeigur sent me these pictures he took one night when he went to have a look at the Volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland.
It is amazing.
Must have been beautiful but then also a little scary.

This picture must be taken at dawn,
it is taken from similar spot as the one above.
This picture is from a newspaper  in Iceland


Think I will change to these colours, and do the green one later.