Four New Flowers

Four new flowers this Wednesday and some new fabric.
I ordered from  Fat Quarter Shop for my Flowers,
it didn't take long, only a week.
Usually it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to receive mail from USA.
This should be enough, 4 meters altogether.

Some have been cut down and put in a tin, ready for use.

And here I collect my flowers - of course in a tin.
I have 38 flowers so far.

Now I will have a look at  One Flower Wednesday 
and see how the others are doing.

Enjoy your stitching.

Flower and Klosjes

My flower for this Wednesday was to put four flowers together.
I have made 28 flowers so far, the total will be 92.
As I'm a very impatient person I could not wait to see how it would look if I joined them together with pink hexagons. And I'm happy with the result.

Then I had to try to do a tiny Klosjes, (English spools, Icelandic spólur)
well I did one and it ended up in a 2,5" pincushion. Very cute, I think.
One day I will do tiny Klosjes blocks, when I have finished my Flower Garden.

Be happy and enjoy your stitching



The postman delivered a parcel to me from Lis for being her 50th follower. Isn't that just nice, she made this lovely pincushion, full of colorful pins, bag full of beautiful blue buttons and a beads. Thank you Lis, I love it all.

Well she also sent me a chain letter or a swap called Quilting Tree. There are no threats of bad luck, just some quilting fun. I send two 6 inch PURPLE squares to the first person on the list, put mine on the bottom of the list. Send two 6 inch PURPLE to 4 friends  who quilt. So simple - In the end there should  be 72 squares  in return. That should be enough to make a quilt and it will be fun to see where the squares come from and to join them together.
The problem is, I need three addresses to mail to.
 If any of you are interested to participate in this Quilt Tree, you can e-mail me your address and I will send you two 6 inch Purple squares, and the letter of course.

Happy stitching

Civil War Bride

Block number 9 is my fifth block for Civil War Bride.
The blocks are all so excited, it is hard to decide which one to do next.
 I chose this one because of the tail. I appliqué each feather instead of piecing.
I could have paper pieced the tail, but I didn't think of it until afterwards.
Well - anyway the bird is here.
Which block will be the next one - I wonder?