Going on a trip

I'm going to Portugal to morrow,  play golf for two weeks,
and this is what I make sure to take with me,
prepared fabric for three Dear Jane blocks, to be hand pieced,
my knitting, and of course Jane Austin book.
What a lovely journey  this is going to be.
Happy quilting everyone.



The picture in the middle of this wall hanging is from
a golf course in France printed on a muslin.
Next step is to quilt this wall hanging.

This is a little landscape.


My Broken Star went to Germany, I found a "Longarm lady" there who is going to do the quilting for me. It will be finished in December. If the quilt had been smaller I would have enjoyed quilting it myself. I love free motion quilting.  At the moment I'm quilting a silk quilt, will post a picture later. I just wanted to tell everybody I found this lady in Germany just across the border. Her link is 

Now you all take care and happy quilting


Now the autumn is indeed here in Luxembourg,
with all the beautiful colors the nature can show.
Here is just one picture.

Then it is time to do some knitting for the winter.
My daughter wanted a short cardigan, wide around the nect.
Well here is one I finished yesterday. I hope she likes it.
It is Marino wool, pearl stitched (as we call it in Iceland).

And for me I knitted this shawl  to wrap around my neck with Alpaca Wool

And also crochet a black shawl I found on the internet this summer at "knitting daily".
It is called Stella Circular Shawl. Maybe it is still there at
This one is made of Cashmere

What will I do with this Kidsilk haze?

Thank you all for stopping by and enjoy whatever you are working on.

Broken Star

My Broken Star is basted and ready to be quilted. It has been waiting for over a year like that. I was going to machine quilt it myself but I keep postponing it because it is so large (a king size) and I don't have a "long arm".  I will just have to find someone here in Luxembourg who does quilting for others.
Does anyone know of one?????
By the way, basteing was easy, I followed Sharon Schamber's technique which I found on her network.  Take a look at her network:  on the left side you see a Free Area.
Thank you for stopping by


A Day in the Country

The year 2001 I took this class at QU called A Day in the Country with Ruth Blanchet. It was the first time for me to do machine appliqué. It was really fun and Ruth is a very good instructor. I have taken some other online classes with her. I believe that one can buy this pattern and many others on Ruth's website: Now this quilt keeps my darling grandson Ofeigur Geir warm.



I spent the whole morning yesterday dyeing in my cellar, it was very relaxing and I enjoyed every minute.
 Here are few pictures of my Shibori dyeing:

Also some batik

These two are overdyed shibori,
 covered with wax, put in the freezer,
 then cracked one up and pleated the other before dyeing.
The colours are much better live than on the computer.