Civil War Bride block

A little progress, one more block for my CWB quilt, I finished last night,
by laying them out together the thought passed my mind that I could stop now, nine blocks and it is not to big for any wall.
But then I decided - I will do them all, just one at a time.

Sweet Nostalgia 

Started a new top, this one is stitched and my first block July, 
is called "Fun at the Beach".
The pattern was a free Block of the Month from Dorothy Baker Designs some years ago. You can see a picture of the quilt  here

New books

I purchased three books, one is Masters Art Quilt,  it was published 2008 so it is not quite new but there are over 400 pages of beautiful pictures of art quilts from all over the world.
The second one is Wildflowers, designs for appliqué and quilting by Carol Armstrong, I thought I might need it when finish my Flower Garden. 
The third one is Jelly Roll and charm quilts, if one day I  buy a Jelly Roll.

Until next time - happy stitching
and thank you for stopping by.



Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Another beautiful block to go along with your other gorgeous CWB blocks!! If you don't mind my asking, where did you find the pattern?
Your stitchery is so cute!!

susis quilts said...

dear paula,what a beautiful block,and a nice stitchery,happy sewing,susi

Karen said...

Another beautiful CWB block and how nice they all look together. I'm glad you decided to continue making them. And, your first Sweet Nostaliga block, very sweet! I like the background fabric. Oh, and some lovely books! I have the Masters book and a couple of different Carol Armstrong books. Wildflowers and your flower garden, I like the sounds of that!

tiny said...

What a beautifl CWB block you make, and greath you decided that you make them all.Also the stichery is very nice.

Julie Fukuda said...

Your blocks are just beautiful! I'm glad you have decided to continue.

marina said...

Lovely projects. Your sweet nostalgia looks great. Karen let me know you are doing this quilt too. I have finished mine and am in the process of quilting it. Good luck with it!
I love your flower garden too, it's beautiful.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Hi! I happened on your blog through Slow Poke Quilters. Hope you don't mind having another follower. :) I am new to quilt blogland and am loving seeing everyone's work. Your CWB blocks are beautiful!!! Looking forward to watching it progress even further. :)

Ulla said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love the quilts! It's very nice to see them! Congratulations!!!