Adding some flowers

I'm adding some flowers to my garden today, it's not big but it's growing.

I also wanted to share with those of you who like to knit,
this new Icelandic website called Knitting Iceland
It looks very interesting and it is in Icelandic, English or French.

Some pictures from Iceland,

An old little church, called Núpstaðakirkja, not used anymore, but it is cute.

The organ inside the Church

In the old old days people used to live in these houses.
No electricity, No running water, No heat,

Thank God it is the past.

Happy stitching



Quilting and knitting

I'm quilting this top using my Bernina 830,
and having heavy trouble with the bottom tension, it is just driving me crazy,
I've turned the machine off  and on several times but nothing happened.
So now it is off for the day and I will do some blogging.

This top is waiting to be quilted, well it has to wait - Bernina is on strike.

Just finished this sweater for my son for the winter in Holland.

My other son who lives in Iceland asked
for a real Icelandic "lopapeysu" with a hood.
Last September when I was in Iceland I brought "lopi" back with me home,
and will start soon on this sweater.

There is always something to do,
never a dull moment.

Enjoy what ever you are doing, life is beautiful.