The Farmhouse quilt is being basted.
I use Sharon's Schamber's  technique. 
She used to have a free class on her website, but I'm sorry to say, not any longer.
Quilting is easy with this basting, you don't have to start in the middle, just start at the top or the bottom, or just where ever you want.
 I have used this technique many times and it is perfect.
No crawling on four feet on the floor.

Sweet Nostalgia, November is done.
It will be nice to work on December block now,

sipping good cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake.

Until next time, 

Happy stitching,




Finished cardigan for my son, he came last weekend for a visit, 
so I gave it a little speed, and finished before he came.
He was very happy with it.

Knitted myself a little warm hat.
When I lived in Iceland I almost never wore hats,
but here in Luxembourg I need a hat in the winter,
it can be so humid and cold.
(Or maybe it's  just that I'm older now)

From the Grinch fabric I made two christmas aprons.

I have been listening to this audiobook:

Forgotten Garden
by Kate Morton

A woman on a quest to find out the truth about her family, 
a mysterious Victorian authoress,
 a book of dark fairytales and a long-hidden secret.

Very interesting and a good company while stitching.

Until next time
Happy stitching.



Teddy Bears

I'm a big teddy's bear fan, I have them all over the house.
They are so warm and comfy.

These two Teddies are joining in with Melody's Teddy Bears Picnic.
Melody is hosting a picnic.
I'm sure they are going to have fun and they will have 
Banana cake in the picnic basket.

 3 eggs, 
150 g raw-suger, 
2 ts vanille, 
125 g spelt flour, 
1 tsp  winestone baking powder, 
5 tbls isio4oil, 
1 or 2 mashed bananas. 
Baked  for approx 50 min. 
Chocolate on top.

 Sweet Nostalgia
October,  is my fourth finished block.

Now I will have a look at the Teddy's Bears.

Until next time,
Happy stitching.


Farmhouse Quilt

Finished top, Farmhouse Quilt, made from scraps.
It is 62"x62". Just needs to be quilted. 

The Grinch

I'm a big admirer of Dr. Seuss, 
so when I saw this Kaufman fabrics on sale at Fort Worth Fabric Studio
I just had to buy some. 
I'm going to use it to wrap up Christmas presents this year,
and make myself a Christmas apron.

I'm still working on that cardigan for my son, one sleeve remaining.
To little time to work on my hexies,
 and I'm planing another quilt from scraps either Spools or Trees, have not decided yet.
I also finished three DJ blocks.  

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Thank you for stopping by,
 Happy stitching.