Civil War Bride

This weekend I started the Civil War Bride quilt.
My first block is being hand applique. I'm not very good at applique but it will get better as the quilt grows.  I'm needle turning and using silk thread. I find the Desk Threader a must have, it really saves time.

This is the desk Threader from Clover. I got it in September in Alsace, France. It really works, but for how long I do not know!!!!


Broken Star

Hi every one. This is a picture of my Broken Star, quilted and finished at last, and a close up of the quilt.
It is 260x260 cm or 100"x100" inches. I'm very happy how it turned out.
Birgit at did a very good job quilting it for me.

It is though a strange feeling, having someone else do the quilting. Is the quilt just half mine and half hers?
No it is mine I paid for the quilting. But she did an excellent job.
Click on the picture and see for yourself.


Dear Jane

When I got back from Portugal this was in my post. This summer I signed up at Twiddletail doing Rainbow Jane and this is my first month.  But I have already started my journey with Dear Jane. -  25 blocks and 2 triangles done, using my hand dyed fabric.

This is a beautiful fabric from Twiddletail, bright colors. I guess I will be doing two DJ.
I have heard that some ladies do more than one DJ quilt - even up to five!!!!
I just love doing these tiny blocks.
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