My Broken Star went to Germany, I found a "Longarm lady" there who is going to do the quilting for me. It will be finished in December. If the quilt had been smaller I would have enjoyed quilting it myself. I love free motion quilting.  At the moment I'm quilting a silk quilt, will post a picture later. I just wanted to tell everybody I found this lady in Germany just across the border. Her link is 

Now you all take care and happy quilting


Maggi said...

I am so glad you found someone who can quilt your Lone Star for you. It is certainly very different quilting silk which is a joy to stitch.

Paula said...

Yes maggi it is different with silk. I love working with silk, I have used a great many of my dh silk ties, He loves to buy them and I love cutting them up.

Thank you maggi for stopping by

Blog said...

Great read thankks