Now the autumn is indeed here in Luxembourg,
with all the beautiful colors the nature can show.
Here is just one picture.

Then it is time to do some knitting for the winter.
My daughter wanted a short cardigan, wide around the nect.
Well here is one I finished yesterday. I hope she likes it.
It is Marino wool, pearl stitched (as we call it in Iceland).

And for me I knitted this shawl  to wrap around my neck with Alpaca Wool

And also crochet a black shawl I found on the internet this summer at "knitting daily".
It is called Stella Circular Shawl. Maybe it is still there at
This one is made of Cashmere

What will I do with this Kidsilk haze?

Thank you all for stopping by and enjoy whatever you are working on.


Maggi said...

What beautiful things that you have made. The Kidsilk haze is just gorgeous.

Mandy said...

Those shawls look wonderful. Your lucky daughter should be delighted with her cardigan.