I spent the whole morning yesterday dyeing in my cellar, it was very relaxing and I enjoyed every minute.
 Here are few pictures of my Shibori dyeing:

Also some batik

These two are overdyed shibori,
 covered with wax, put in the freezer,
 then cracked one up and pleated the other before dyeing.
The colours are much better live than on the computer.


Maggi said...

What gorgeous results.

Stephanie Hughes said...

Paula, thanks for visiting my blog. I had to come visit yours! I love the dying demo. I want to do this but have never tried. I will one day. I love where you live. Never been. I will continue to follow your posts. Thanks! Stephanie

Judy Alexander said...

I love your fabrics. I must learn how to dye fabrics, right now I only paint them. Thanks for singing up as a follower of my blog.

Margarita Korioth said...

I also love to dye fabrics, it is lots of fun! Your fabrics turned out very good.