In September I did blog hopping with Moda and left a comment on 
Edyta Sitar's blog, and guess what, my name was picked among 20 others.
So when I came home form ???? - this Daily Journal for 2013 
and a bundle from her newest collection of fabrics; Dancing in the Rain, 
was waiting for me. Ohhh What a joy.
I love Edyta's  books and have them all, 
actually, I have two of "Reasons for quilts"

and would like to give one away.
If you are interested just leave a comment and I will
 pick one name by random,
first week in November.

Do you know where these pictures are from?

This was taking from the plane, when I left this country.

This is a little village 

where they have snow in the mountains in July,

cooked in saucepans like this, some years back
when my mother was young

have some bleakness

not all roads paved.

some beautiful lava

and beautiful colours.

Now what is the name of this country?

Until next time

happy quilting.



Frederika said...

What a lovely pictures. I dont know where they er taken, but just love them.
I like to win the book.
Happy quilting Frederika

Celtic Thistle said...

Wouldn't be Iceland would it!

Sue said...

I am not sure what country these pictures were taken ??? I would love to win your book

Angie in SoCal said...

I'm guessing Iceland too. I would love to win the book. I have some of Edita's books and would love another.

Allison said...

congrats on winning the lovely fabric and book, how generous of you to share :) those saucepans are brilliant! what a great way to maximize your kitchen's efficiencey. I am going to guess these pictures are from Norway. have a great day!

Lin said...

My guess is Iceland Paula. Love the larva. Well done on your win and how generous of you to give a book away. I have just had a look at Edyta's blog and love her quilts.

viridian said...

My guess is Iceland too - with the lava rocks there. I don't need a reason for quilts but I would be interested in that book. :-)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Wonderful photos and the lava is so neat! I would love to win this neat book!

Bonnie58 said...

Hi, I don't have a clue where the pictures are from, although the lava does narrow it down some. A few of the areas that first came to mind definitely went out the window when you mentioned the lava... Gorgeous space. I would loveto win a copy of the book. Thanks for the oportunity on the draw

Karen said...

I do believe that would be Iceland! Wonderful photos, I love the saucepans and must show my sister. She never has enough room on the stove top. Well done on your win, the fabric is lovely.

quiltfien said...

realy don't know where those beautiful pictures were taking.
But I sure know edyta, and I wish I could win her book....!!!! ( who doesn't hahahah)