The winner is:

the name that wins the book.
"Reasons for Quilts"
by Edyta Sitar.

I hope she enjoys the book.

Preparing for winter, three pairs of socks, one pair already out of the house,
2 meters long scarf and

a sweater with a hood. 

You can see a bit of my "Dear Jane" in the second picture.
I'm machine quilting it.
My wish is to finish it before the end of this year and
have it at the Dear Jane Exhibition in Nantes 2013.
It is always good to have a goal - isn't it??????

Until next time
Happy quilting



tiny said...

Congratulations Lin, and Paula you er busy with the socks and sweater it looks lovely . Suv=cces with the Dear Jane.

Karen said...

How exciting it was Lin that won the book! Love all the woolies Paula, beautiful yarn, beautiful colours. Your DJ is going to be very popular at the Exhibition.

Lin said...

Thank you so much Paula - I am really looking forward to receiving this book!
Love your knitting and how exciting to be quilting your DJ! Mines on hold again but hopefully just for months this time and not years! The exhibition sounds exciting and yes, a goal always gets you moving.