Reiko Kato

Last week the OEQC was held in Veldhoven in The Netherlands.
I stopped by on my way to Rotterdam and saw many beautiful quilts,
but none like Reiko Kato's. 
Here are some pictures I took and want to share with you:

And of course I had to buy her book, and some other stuff.

I read an article about Reiko where they say 
she only sleeps four hours a night, from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m.
She is immensely prolific.

That is beyond belief, only four hours sleep every night,
I need my eight hours or I'm out of function.

Until next time
Happy stitching



tiny said...

Hello Paula, What beautiful picture's of the quilts from Reiki Kato. Wen can we se something you make from the book (lol) it seems to me very difficult to make a quilt from her. Succes if you started.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures with us! She is so talented - such incredibly detailed work!

Raewyn said...

i love her work too but have only seen it in books and magazines - lucky you to see it up close - the photos are lovely - thank you for sharing. I couldn't survive on 4 hours sleep I'm afraid!

Karen said...

A couple of weeks ago I googled about Japanese taupe fabric and up came her name. She is fabulous! Lucky you! And, I love the things you came home with.

Jen said...

HI! Paula, WOW Reiki Kato Quilts, very interesting to see and very beautiful.Thanks for the photos I would never have seen them here in Australia. I am a night owl but need 7-8 hrs sleep.

Britta said...

Hello Paula, among all the famous Japanese quilters I, too admire Reiko Kato most. Her quilts don´t seem to be out of this world.

Glenda said...

Thanks so much for sharing Reiko's quilts with us, her quilts are so detailed and the more you look the more you see. Her books are well worth buying. I have a friend who only sleeps 4 hours or less and her mum was the same, my friend has a studio at the end of the house and so goes there when the rest of the family are sleeping and weaves or spin all night. Cheers Glenda

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