Blue Flowers in the Forest 
That is the name for my top. It is still just a top, 
for the backing I'm going to use every single piece of K.F fabric I have left.
That will take a while. Then we will see if this one is a top or a back.
It is 93"x87".

This is Kaffe's yarn, which I really love. 
Multicolored wool and so soft.
One day this will be knitted into an afghan.

You can also see the book "Color Guys",
I like that book, so full of colors, knitted into scarfs, cushions and blankets.

Until next time
happy stitching or knitting or.....



Aunt 'Reen said...

Your quilt top turned out beautiful! Such pretty yarns too!
Look forward to seeing a future project from these!

Karen said...

Love the name for your quilt! I think the back will be just as lovely as the front. Beautiful, beautiful wool! Can't wait to see that afghan.

Jevne said...

Hi, Paula, Love your Flowers in the Forest!
I have been making hexagons for a while now and feel fortunate to have found your blog. I have not joined any of my flowers yet, but I noticed in your post of April 5, 2011, you show some flowers with five of your pink joining hexies attached. Is this how you do all of them and then stitch them together. Your quilt is gorgeous!
I enjoyed your photos of Iceland.