Happy New Year

Going through my old quilts on New Years Day I came across these silk quilts, which I made many years ago, using my DH neckties. He used to love buying silk ties and I loved to cut them up when he didn’t use them anymore. He still has over 100 silk ties, which he is not yet willing to give to me. I will just be patient, I know I will get them one day. It is funny looking at these old quilts, I would do them differently today.

This one, Cathedral Windows,  has some beautiful ties
but the other two have very old  ties and not so beautiful.

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year
 and a very good quilting year.


Karen said...

Happy New Year Paula! I love all three quilts.

Anonymous said...

Paula, these are just wonderful. What a great job you did.


Nat Palaskas said...

Happy New Year Paula, I do love old ties. I made a skirt out of ties. I'm also waiting or DH ties when he retire from tie wearing LOL! Hugs Nat

Wendy said...

Paula - these are very pretty quilts. I have a friend that just gave me her father's ties and asked me to do someting with them in a quilt. You said you would do something different than these you have shown us - what would that be - any help with an idea?
Happy New Year as well - Wendy

Cooking Katie said...

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