CWB block two

At last I manage to finish my second block for the CWB quilt. I really enjoy doing hand applique it is so relaxing.
It is funny now that I'm retired, it seems to be less time, or I have to much to do.
Now I will do some DJ blocks before I prepare the next CWB block.

Take care


Wendy said...

I tried to post but I don't think it worked so here I am again - your work is beautiful - I had never heard of this quilt but will be looking into it after I get The Women Of The Bible done later this year. You do such a good job on the inspiration.

Beth Karese said...

The block looks really pretty. I like the calm feeling to the block. Your little inside curves look really good. (I have a hard time with those.) This is one of two blocks that I'm prepping. I can't wait to see what block you do next.