Mystery Quilt Downton Abbey 
finished at last.

The dowager Countess 

And the back

It didn't take long to do the Part 4 of Di Ford's Mystery.
Border of 48 hourglass units and corners of some hexies.

It is getting bigger, it's now 110 cm (43") square.

In June I signed up for another Mystery Quilt.
This time it's Fat Quarters Shop mystery 
with fabrics designed by Edyta Sitar. 

This morning the fabric for block 2 arrived.
I love this fabric, it is called Snowbird, from Laundry Basket Quilts.
I'm a big fan of Edyta and buy a lot of fabric from her web
She is giving a workshop in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines in September,
I have already signed up.

Happy quilting 


Karen said...

What a beautiful post Paula! Downton Abbey is splendid, love the quilting. The Di Ford border is simply lovely, what a fabulous quilt that is turning out to be. And, your new mystery can't be anything by lovely with that very pretty Snowbird fabric.

tiny said...

Wawh!!!! Your Downton Abbey is beautiful. The new mystery looks great. Have a nice weekend. Tiny

Lin said...

Love your Downton Abbey and the borders on your mystery are looking really good. Lucky you going to Ste Marie - must be closer for you than for me. xx