Sweet Nostalgia

Just after Easter I managed to finish April block for Sweet Nostalgia top, 
two more to go.
Instead of satin stitch the Chicks and the eggs
I used wax color crayola (heated).
I'm not good at satin stitch.

And now that I'm hooked on small stitching
I bought myself Nana's Calendar Girls.
I'm thinking red there.

Next week I will attend  Kaffe Fassett's quilt workshop here in Luxembourg,
that will be something new for me.
 I'm not really a big fan of Kaffe's quilts,
but I like his knittings. But we will see.

Until next time
Happy stitching



tiny said...

I love your April block.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your nostaligia block for April is beautiful! I love the Calendar Girls - I think you will enjoy it too! Have fun at the Kaffe workshop next week!

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet. Enjoy Fasse! Wow.

Karen said...

I like how you did the eggs and chicks, the satin stitch is not always easy to do. Nana's Calendar Girls is a sweet one and will look fabulous in red. Enjoy the Fassett workshop! You should bring your knitting with you, have it hanging out of your bag, I'm sure he will notice! ;)

Millie en Miles said...

This is a very nice blog too and love you're dear jane, really beautiful

Dorothy said...

Paula, your April "Sweet Nostalgia" block looks wonderful!

The Calendar Girls pattern looks really sweet. I might have to add it to my list.

Jen said...

HI! Paula, Sweet Nostalgia embroidery block is very pretty. Also Dear Jane is looking good,
I love the Alpaca wool .I have some waiting to be knitted in winter,It is so soft.