Still on schedule - March block finished,
it is called "March Winds Doth Blow".
Only three more blocks left to do of this
"Sweet Nostalgia" stitchery from Dorothy Baker.

Just finished this knitted cardigan for the Spring evenings in Luxembourg.

But for Summer evenings in Iceland it has to be pure wool.

I bought this wool from Pickles in Norway.
It is 100% Alpaca from Bolivia
so soft and beautiful.

And here you can see I have already started. 

Hope I can finish it before I go to Iceland for a family gathering this summer.

Until next time,
Happy quilting or what ever you are doing.



tiny said...

You stichery looks great and I am looking forward to see all blocks in a quilt. What you knit a beautiful pattern for Iceland, and your jacket for the Spring evenings in Luxembourg looks nice. Hugs Tiny

Aunt 'Reen said...

Such a lovely stitchery and your knit cardigan is beautiful! I love the newest one using Alpaca wool too. Your knitting is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

The grey cardigan is delightful, what pattern is it, can you share?

Karen said...

So sweet and only three more blocks to go! Such a beautiful cardigan Paula, can't wait to see the other one finished.

Dorothy said...

Your stitchery looks wonderful Paula.

Love your cardigan! Wish I could knit.

Debbie Kelly said...

wow so beautiful knitting you have done.I want to just reach out and touch your white alpaca sweater.The white is just yummy!!!!! I cannot imagine how soft it feels next to your skin. sincerely,Debbie Kelly