Six more Flowers

The weather has been very nice this weekend here in Lux.
 And as I'm not much in to gardening, I enjoyed  sitting outside in my garden (not in the sun, though)
doing some Flower Garden, they are really fun to make.
I have not still decided whether I appliqué on a background or piece them together.

I also basted a top and used Sharon´s  technique.
On her webside you can find all sorts of free classes which are very helpful.
Quilting is easy with this basting, you don't have to start in the middle, just start at the top or the bottom.
 I have used this technique twice before and it is perfect.

Happy quilting.


Rena said...

I love your hexagons


Lis Harwood said...

Hi Paula, I popped over after you left a comment about the fork pins on my blog and was amazed to see all your lovely pictures of quilts using Japanese taupes, wonderful. Now following your blog :)

Karen said...

You have been making hexagon flowers!!! You should join One Flower Wednesday. They are just beautiful! Interesting plastic template, I have not seen them before.