Festival in Lux

Going to the Quilt Festival in Wilwerwiltz (Luxembourg) yesterday,
I was amazed to find Masako Wakayama and her quilts there.
She is a well-known international quilt artist who opened her Quilt shop
 "Crib Quilt" in 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. 
 She also has a fabric line called "American Country" which is absolutely gorgeous.

In the picture above Masako is showing us how to use Punch Needle,
unfortunately the needles were sold out.

Hear are some pictures I took.

The pictures do not need any explanation, they just speak for them selves.

Here is the link to Crib Quilt you can find the English up in the right corner.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Take care and happy stitching.


Rena said...

Thank you very much, Paula , for this beautiful pictures from the exhibition

I enjoy !!!
Have a nice week


Anonymous said...

wasn't this fabulous, the pictures can't reflect the real beauty of her work

and you know what, she invited me to Japan, for the Tokio Dome quilt show next january, isn't that cool

if you want one of the punchneedle sets, please tell me and I check what I can do
hope you've been luckier with the templates