Dear Jane

Here is a photo of my finished blocks for DJ,  made with my hand dyed fabric, some are paper pieced and some hand pieced and appliqué. I have made 37 blocks and 4 triangles. So it is only 132 blocks, 48 triangles and 4 corners left to go. I don't mind, I love making these tiny blocks.

My four triangles. I will do one or two today.

Have a nice weekend.


Lynn Cohen said...

So well done and looks so good too. Love the stitching on white on the second photo!!!!

Stephanie Hughes said...

Paula, this is absolutely beautiful. You motivate me to do something like this. I haven't even hand dyed fabric before much less done a Dear Jane quilt. WOW! Both pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Steph

lostinlux said...

Wow! I have been struggling to find out about Quilters in luxembourg, and now I find your blog. I am really keen to figure out how to learn about the dying of fabric. It just takes quilting design to the next level. I am Canadian and living in Luxembourg. Your website is really lovely.

Karen said...

How wonderful they look all together. I have never layed my blocks out like that. I should.

Anonymous said...


Just gorgeous, you are making me think about a DJ project of my own. Boy am I tempted.

Blissfully Stitching,

Anonymous said...

love your website
I just started quiting/patchworking and looking for some inspiration
greetings from Wellenstein (lu)

Beth Karese said...

Wow, Paula, they look fantastic!! I love your hand dyed fabric. The colors really make those blocks pop.

Wendy said...

Paula, I got the Civil War quilt and the Dear Jane quilt mixed up. These blocks are so lovely!! It is such a happy quilt. Your fabrics are beautiful.