Civil War Bride

This weekend I started the Civil War Bride quilt.
My first block is being hand applique. I'm not very good at applique but it will get better as the quilt grows.  I'm needle turning and using silk thread. I find the Desk Threader a must have, it really saves time.

This is the desk Threader from Clover. I got it in September in Alsace, France. It really works, but for how long I do not know!!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Paula,

It's so wonderful to have another quilter join the party. You will find plenty of help and inspiration.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I've got one of those needle threaders also but mine is a plain brown not a pretty pink :( I find I don't use mine a lot though, I keep forgetting I have it!

PatchworkRose said...

I have one of those threaders too. Bit the same as Karen. I should use it more. Love those apples. Welcome to the journey. You will have fun :-)

Beth Karese said...

I have the threader in green. It's my second one, because I broke the first one. I had the needle in, pushed the little lever and it wouldn't thread. Then I tried again... no luck... tried a few more times... until I realized I had the needle in with the point down. Oops. :-(