Zigzag border and more

Love Entwined
The star-flowers have been sewn.

For the little flowers I used batik 

The zigzag border is being prepared

The center will not be finished tomorrow when Esher's 3 part will be released,
That's  alright, it is not a race, I enjoy every stitch. 

This is a crochet hexagon in progress.

And my hand dyed yarn will be used in crochet squares. 
The yarn was dyed with birch and others plants.
I will have to make some other colors too, so this autumn I will start dyeing again.

Enjoy whatever you are doing.



Heather said...

Your LE is looking lovely. Good luck with the zigzags, I look forward to watching this one grow.

Jane in Cumbria said...

You are using lovely colours for your LE. Enjoy the zigzags! I like your crochet too.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your LE is already looking very beautiful! I look forward to following your progress on this amazing quilt.
Your crocheted hexagons are fabulous!

jjthor said...

Love your crochet they look real nice.
your LE is coming along nicely as well. I am still on the compass ring myself trying to get some other things finished first and have this for winter !!

tiny said...

Your LE is greath!!!!

Lin said...

Your applique is lovely Paula. Had to zoom in on the picture of your zigzags to see how you were doing it - amazing! Love the crochet hexies too. xx

Bunny said...

Love your LE it looks amazing. I love your yarn that you dyed.

Jen said...

HI!Paula. Your applique is beautiful on Love Entwined.I am going to try what you said with the applique drawing on the back and baste it.The zig zag is amazing.

Klaske said...

Your LE looks great!!

Karen said...

Love Entwined, coming along nicely. The crocheted hexagons and squares are great and the dyed yarn is beautiful!

Berglind said...

This is one of the most beautiful applique I've seen, the white background makes it so pure and I love the colors you've chosen, so pretty :)