Triangles, JustTakes2, Knitting

The triangles are been sewn on - one by one.
I drew the pattern on the back and basted,
 so it showed up on the front.
I got this idea from Carin 
It is really easy to appliqué this way.

 Just Takes 2
Block number 12. 
It's from Brenda this time, the next one will be from

This morning I received this very pretty siggy from Aurora in Italy.

And the postman also brought these wonderful magazines
I will busy myself to day reading "Fast and furious" 
by Gudrun Erla (Icelandic lady),
Quilt mania and Quilting Arts.
All very special.
There will not be much stitching today!!!!!


Finished this pinafore dress for the baby.  
The yarn was more beautiful in the skein,
I hope the baby won't look like a plump bee wearing this.

Happy stitching



Karen said...

The triangles are going around just lovely. I like Carin's idea. When I first started to applique I thread basted the shapes to the front of the fabric, I still do sometimes, as washout markers make me nervous. The butterfly is so pretty and the baby dress. Enjoy your magazines!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your Love Entwined is looking gorgeous already!
I like your JT2 block and very sweet siggie block. I think the little knit dress is so lovely and adorable! You've made a lot of wonderful accomplishments this month!

tiny said...

Your Love Entwined is graet!! I also like the idea from Carin and make them also. I'm not so far. Great your dress.Nice weekend Tiny

Lin said...

The tringles are looking great - what a good idea. And I love the little dress!

Glenda said...

Paula your Cone triangles look lovely. I also think the little dress is lovely too. Love love the colours and she will look just like a cuddly doll in it. Cheers Glenda

Jen said...

HI!Paula. You have been busy ,I love your triangles.It is going to look lovely when you have them all on. A beautiful knitted pinafore for baby. It is a lovely yarn.