Mystery Quilt Downton Abbey 
finished at last.

The dowager Countess 

And the back

It didn't take long to do the Part 4 of Di Ford's Mystery.
Border of 48 hourglass units and corners of some hexies.

It is getting bigger, it's now 110 cm (43") square.

In June I signed up for another Mystery Quilt.
This time it's Fat Quarters Shop mystery 
with fabrics designed by Edyta Sitar. 

This morning the fabric for block 2 arrived.
I love this fabric, it is called Snowbird, from Laundry Basket Quilts.
I'm a big fan of Edyta and buy a lot of fabric from her web
She is giving a workshop in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines in September,
I have already signed up.

Happy quilting 


Di Ford's mystery and Calendar girl

At last block 3 is done. 
Lots and lots of stitches, hexagons, leaves, stem and flowers,
 all sewn together.

The size is now 36"x36".

One corner.

Also finished my little Calendar Girl, February
(febrúar,  my native language).
Two more to go.

This quilt, The Flower Garden, 
has been waiting for a long time now to be quilted.
I wanted a wooden floor frame,  but was not able to find it anywhere near.
But this is what I could get for not to much money, 
 Dritz Quilting Quilters Floor Frame.
It is PVC and works really good, (but it is not pretty) 
adjustable height and the frame is 28"x35"

Now I better go and do some quilting.

Enjoy your day.



Willow Weave and Music

Last year I did this Jelly Roll Sew-along project with Doreen
called Willow Weave. 
It was first time for me to use Jelly Roll.

Quilted with sunflowers pattern.

It will be a present for my darling grand daughter 
who will turn 17 in July.

And this Music quilt  is for her twin brother
the pianist. 

The back of Music.

Happy Quilting.



Calendar Girls

Only three more months to fill this year
of Calendar Girls.

Happy quilting.



Quiltfestival in Luxembourg

I'm not very good at blogging, my last post was in April.
I'm still quilting the DA quilt, 
and working on the Quiltmania Mystery Quilt part 3.
 Some pictures later.

 Oh yes I went on a Pilgrimage to 
Medjugore in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
It was difficult but very interesting journey.

Today I will show you some pictures from the Quiltfestival in
Wilwerwiltz, a small commune in Luxembourg. 

Just a few pictures from this great show which is held every two years.

Have a nice weekend 
and happy quilting.



Easter card, Di Ford and DA

Made this little Easter Card, 
and now it is on its way
to the little island up North.

Believe it or not, I have finished part 2,
48 circles, hexies in the corners and lots and lots of triangles.
The 3rd part will be in Quiltmania 
next issue May-June.

The Downton Abbey top is all sewn together

and the back

Here it is sandwiched, and in my sewing machine
being quilted, slowly. 
I quilt just for an hour a day, it really tries on my shoulders 

October calendar girl.

Happy stitching


Di Ford's Mystery Quilt

Signed up for Di Ford's Mystery Quilt. 
The pattern is in Quilt mania, 
the fabric I get from "The Quilt Room" in UK.

This is my first block, 24"
I'm quite happy how it turned out.

And this is the fabric for the 2nd block. It arrived yesterday.

This beautiful box also arrived yesterday from "LoveBug Studios" in Grayslake, IL

Inside was the Backing Kit for Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt.
I have never received so beautifully packed fabric before,
and the fabric is very special, I just love it.
All blocks are made, now it is just time to assemble the quilt.

Happy quilting