It's Wednesday, that is the day we FG ladies meet at Karen's blog 
and admire and encourage each other.
If you like to see some beautiful hexagons
You might like to join in.

My Flower Garden is still growing, 
one could say 
"at the speed of a snail".

Isn't it a cute little fellow?
Thank God we don't have to carry all ours belongings on our back.

One more block finished for "Sweet Nostalgia" 
Hide and Seek, August block.
I just love doing these blocks.

This is a scarf (comforter) I knitted and was very easy,
you just cast on 3 sts. increase one st. at the end of every other pin until you have ca. 130 sts. on the pin, then you start to decrease one st. at the same end until you have only 3 sts. left, you cast off.
It is nice to have multicoloured yarn.

I also made two more blocks for my DJ this week.

Thank you for stopping by,
Until next time,

Happy stitching



Maria said...

Lovely fabrics you are using for your flowers.
LOL no it would be awful to drag all my stash around on my back let along the rest of my stuff.
Beautiful stitchery and scraf.

Birdie said...

Your hexies are beautiful, love the colours.
The scarf is pretty, an adaptation on the dishcloth pattern I see.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Your flowers are beautiful, such soft colors. After seeing your knitted scarf I feel like knitting...maybe mittens...but I should probably catch up with my piecing and quilting but new projects are always fun.

Hilachas said...

Your flower is gorgeous. Remember that even a snail eventually gets where it's going.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

My garden grows at a snail pace too. Your flowers are very pretty. The scarf you made looks so warm and yummy.

Lots of Fabric 2 said...

Your flowerw look lovely. The scarf is just wonderful,

Becky G said...

Your fabrics used in your hexi are sublime... very lovely, and love everything else you are doing too... I am also a knitter & that is a super cute shawlette. Becky G

Quilter Raised in the South said...

your flowers are growing very well! you have stacks and stacks of hexies, I have stacks of fabric:)

Karen said...

As long as your garden is still growing! I feel like a bit of a snail myself, but it is still growing. The August Sweet Nostalgia block is very cute one, well done. And, a beautiful, beautiful scarf!

Brook said...

I love the purple scarf. What is a pin and ca ???? Your hexies are very sweet, like the fabric print.
Blessings, Brook Thanks

Renate Bischoff said...

I love the soft colors you have chosen for your Hexie Flowers.

Pat said...

Love the soft colors of your flowers!

Erica said...

Very pretty flowers. I would love to have that scarf this winter.

Julie Fukuda said...

The other day I passed a display of yarn that would be prefect for that shawl. I may have to go back to the store. Good thing those hexie flowers are cloth. Snails around here eat real ones (and they don't have to me that pretty to be tasty to a snail).

Jane in Cumbria said...

Lovely flowers, and what a nice cosy scarf. I think I shall have to knit one....

Teresa F. said...

Your flowers are awesome.Love the soft colors. Lovely!!!