I'm back from the Ecumenical Pilgrimage Tour  in Italy
with True Life In God.
We were 800 people from 60 countries. Amongst us were about 100 clergy:
Cardinal, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Monks and Nuns.
It was a very difficult tour, the day started between 5 and 6 in the morning
and lasted until 11 at night.

I did not sew one stitch the whole week.
My sewing remained in my suitcase.

I'm glad and thankful for this tour and I'm also very glad to be home again.

We visited many Churches and the floors captivated me,
 I was always thinking of patterns and saw them everywhere

These are all floors,
while other people were looking up at the ceiling, I was looking down at the floor.

Well I better get into my sewing room and do something.

Until next time
Happy stitching



tiny said...

That's a great tour you have make. Your picture's of the floors er beautiful and I understand that you se everywhere patterns. I also :):)
Nice you er back at home.
Hugs Tiny

Aunt 'Reen said...

Welcome Home!
Those floors are just amazing.
I'd be looking down too and they really do provoke thoughts of quilt designs. :D

Hope you had a wonderful time!

Karen said...

Welcome back Paula! Beautiful photos of the floors. My head would be spinning looking up and down, so beautiful.

Julie Fukuda said...

It looks like inspiration can come to quilters from just about anywhere. Glad I'm not the only one taking photos of floors. Welcome home!