Collecting siggies

Since my last blog in January 12th lots of things have happened.
I've been traveling to Iceland-Luxembourg-Dubai-Luxembourg-Iceland and at last back in Luxembourg for a few days.
To little time to sew. 
I have received many interesting "siggies".
Most of them are from The Netherlands, but also from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Canada and USA

This block I found at Quilterscache 
24" and very easy to make.
It is perfect for baby quilt.

Some years ago I knitted this outfit for my grandchildren (twins),
and now in April they will have their confirmation,
I can hardly belief they are 13 years old already.

I'm still working on my flower garden and The Civil War Bride.
Nothing has happed for a long time with Dear Jane. Hopefully I can do something about it, soon.

Happy stitching to you all 
 enjoy what ever you are doing.



tiny said...

What have you many siggy's recive. Greath!!!
Yes if you look at your grandchildren there is only one thing time goes fast.
Have a nice weekend Tiny

Karen said...

Welcome back!!!!!

Aunt 'Reen said...

I hope you've had wonderful times during all of your travels! What a beautiful collection of siggie blocks! Your grandsons looked darling in those little outfits so many years ago. said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, Paula. What sweeties your grandchildren were in their lovely suits!
You received a lot of siggies, I guess it's wonderful to receive them. Your hexaflowers look gorgeous surrounded by pink! Nice dyed fabric, too!
Happy quilting, Cisca