Last summer I collected leaves from Birch and dried them. 
Now I have dyed some wool using these leaves.
(The fabric in this DJ block was dyed with Procion MX
the leaves are underneath) 

The yearn prepared

Here you can see the wool waiting and the Birch dye.

In the pot on the stove slowly heated up to 90°C

Slowly cooled down.

Washed and dried

And ready for knitting.

My seventh CWB block in progress.

I have not yet started my DJ again, after all this traveling back and forth, south and north, 
but will do that soon. 

The European Dear Jane club is preparing a DJ Quilt Expo in Brussels May 2013.
Now isn't that just groovy?

I plan to have mine finished by then.

Happy stitching.



Aunt 'Reen said...

Paula - THANK YOU so much for sharing your birch dye method! Just love the beautiful pictures and finished wool coloring too!

Beautiful applique' block!
I'd LOVE to be at that Expo in 2013!
Of course I'm really looking forward to seeing your DJ when it's finished! :D

Karen said...

Love the dyed wool and your strawberry block is looking wonderful, I enjoyed making that one. Posted my finished block a couple of weeks ago.

Jolanda said...

my complements for your cwb it is very nice. The another blocks of your cwb are very nice to. even so your hexagons.
greetings Jolanda said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, Paula!
What a lovely birch-dyed wool and DJ block you made! And the CWB block is gorgeous, too, I love the strawberries. I must go and look out for the book! Nice there will be a DJ expo!
Happy quilting, Cisca

Nat Palaskas said...

Hi Paula, interesting to read about your birch dyed. I have a few young birches and they are loosing their leaves at the moment because we are in autumn here. Seeing how your colour turned out. I would like to dye with them. Could you please give me some tips? Did you use the mordant on the cloth before you dyed and what else did you do? Thanks Paula - Hugs Nat