Flower and Klosjes

My flower for this Wednesday was to put four flowers together.
I have made 28 flowers so far, the total will be 92.
As I'm a very impatient person I could not wait to see how it would look if I joined them together with pink hexagons. And I'm happy with the result.

Then I had to try to do a tiny Klosjes, (English spools, Icelandic spólur)
well I did one and it ended up in a 2,5" pincushion. Very cute, I think.
One day I will do tiny Klosjes blocks, when I have finished my Flower Garden.

Be happy and enjoy your stitching


Marieke said...

The 4 flowers looks great together! And so does your klosje. It is also very much fun to make these klosjes!

Dolly Cloth said...

love the colour of your flowers

yvonne said...

wauwwww! erg mooi gr yvonne

Anonymous said...

These flowers are absolutely stunning together!
You will also love to make the klosjesquilt I am sure :-)


what a lovely flowers en cute blokjes.


pauline said...

Love the colours of your flowers and the use of the klosje.

Crafty Robyn said...

The flowers look great together

Jossie said...

The flowers are really lovely. Nice pincushion too!

Thim3 said...

I love your flowers and the color or the joining fabric....I can't wait to join mine together.

Sandra Henderson said...

Gorgeous!!! I think it's a good idea to put them together like this. I will do my next one like this. Oh, how beautiful!!!
I love your pincushion also! you've been VERY busy! Hope it's not so hot where you are... XO

Karen said...

Pink is perfect!! So beautiful! Sweet klosjes pincushion.

Pat said...

Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Quilting!

Valentina said...

Oh Paula, that's looks amazing! Now I can really imagine it!
agh, Klosjes, they are soooo addictive! You are a wise woman, waiting!
So nice to meet you!
Valentina in Cyprus

Carrie P. said...

Oh, your flowers are lovely and I simply love the fabric you are using to go around each flower. It really makes it look like an antique quilt.