I used my free motion quilting practice sandwich to make a cover for my quilt picture book. (I take  pictures of all my quilts and put them in this book and write a little story about each one.)
I'm trying to improve my free motion quilting so I have a lot of practice sandwiches. And what can you do with them??? Make some purses or a book cover. This sandwich I used was dyed with rust.  The instructions for a book cover you can find on There is a free class on Book Cover and it is decorated beautifully.

This is the front, the button is made from coconut.

This is the back. As you can see I need much more practice on free motion feathers.


Terry said...

This is very pretty! I need to practice my free motion quilting too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope to get my fall quilt finished this week! :0)

Karen said...

Just lovely! I have never tried free motion quilting. So good for you!

Maggi said...

What an excellent way to use your practice pieces. I love the trapunto cushion in the top photo too.